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Damascus - President al-Assad discusses with Qalibaf bilateral relations and constructive cooperation between the two countries
President al-Assad: Iran is key partner to Syria, coordination in war against terrorism gave positive results
Engineer Hussein #Arnos, Prime Minister in the caretaker government, receives Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran and his accompanying delegation, where the complementarity of the work of the legislative and executive authorities, and the role of the legislative authorities in strengthening the steadfastness of the two countries through measures to bypass the unjust sanctions imposed on my people the two countries.
The meeting dealt with opening new horizons for economic cooperation, expanding joint activities, increasing trade exchange, following up on the implementation of agreements signed between the two sides according to specific time schedules, activating the exchange of goods and products needed by the two countries' markets, raising the level of coordination in the areas of economic cooperation and overcoming obstacles to its development.
The authenticity of the democratic experience has been emphasized through the recent constitutional practices that took place in the two countries, which affirm that free peoples who make independent national decisions and reject foreign interference in their internal affairs are the ones who decide their future and the future of their country.
Minister Sarah to a Russian media delegation: Developing media cooperation and confronting the war of disinformation targeting the two countries

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The Syrian Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the Turkish regime's interference in Tunisia's internal affairs, stressing that Turkish policy can only support the extremist Brotherhood's approach that seeks to destroy countries, fragment their national unity, and impose its abnormal agendas and obsolete policies on other countries and peoples.
Sabbagh: Israeli repeated aggressions on Syrian territories flagrant violation of UN Charter
Syrian, Russian talks to develop media cooperation
A civilian martyred, others wounded in explosion of mine left by terrorists in Idleb countryside
⭕️ Ministry of Health: 19 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, bringing the total number to 25,930.

#8 of the recorded cases recovered, bringing the total number to 21,969.

#2 of the recorded injuries died, bringing the total number to 1911.

The distribution of injuries, recoveries and deaths recorded today:

# of injuries

8 in Damascus
3 in Hama
3 in Homs
3 in Latakia
2 in Aleppo


2 in Damascus
2 in Aleppo
1 in Latakia
1 in Hama
1 in Homs
1 in Quneitra

#Death :

1 in Damascus
1 in Aleppo
Syria , Russia : Priority is for the return of displaced Syrians to their liberated areas
Grospic: Presidential election in Syria affirmed great popular support for President al-Assad
Arnous, Ghalibaf discuss opening new horizons of economic cooperation, increasing trade exchange
Hot weather in general, misty in some regions
The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources: Returning Sharifa well 6 to service, after its rehabilitation by the cadres of the Syrian Oil Company.
On “World Hepatitis Day”, Syria continues to provide free diagnosis and treatment to patients