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Hi Welcome to Alishan Haveli for Dheet Hodlrs.

In this Haveli - We share free education based on our own views which can be right or wrong (Mostly Wrong). Whatever you read here look at it for reference - don't rely 100% on it because it's your portfolio
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Updated Bitcoin Daily Chart
🚨Mt. Gox moves 42,587 #BTC worth $2.85 billion to unknown address
JUST IN: Bitwise #ETH spot ETF publishes #Ethereum addresses & ENS subnames for greater transparency. —
JUST IN: Spot Ethereum ETF trading goes live
🚨Dydx website (dYdX v3) has been compromised.
JUST IN: DYdX Trading Inc. is in talks to sell derivatives trading platform — Bloomberg
JUST IN: Kraken exchange finishes #Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash distribution back to Mt. Gox creditors.
BREAKING: 🇷🇺Russia's parliament legalizes crypto mining and approves its use for international trade.
JUST IN: Bitstamp exchange starts repaying #Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to Mt. Gox creditors. -
BREAKING: 🇮🇳GOI plans to release a discussion paper on #Crypto policy before September. - DEA Secretary Ajay Seth
JUST IN: 🇮🇳Raipur, Capital city of Chhattisgarh, is moving real estate records to the blockchain.
JUST IN: 🇮🇳India has recorded 92 cases involving darknet and cryptocurrency for drug purchases from 2020 to April 2024. - MHA
🇺🇸US GDP for Q2 = 2.8%
Expected = 2% ; Q1 GDP = 1.4%
Atleast one good news form wazirx.

They published report saying 45% crypto were stolen.

So 55% of customer fund is still with them + INR (INR Number they didn’t disclose yet)