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🚩Numbers of the Day‼️
Power Crypto Club
🔅$NEAR is Ready to Go-Ahead‼️
⚡️#NEARUSD has reached both "Price Target Minimum" of both patterns:

1️⃣ Double Bottom: +110% 🚀🚀 (about 40- day from signal)

2️⃣ H&S: +56% 🚀 (about 10-day from signal)

💰Take your profits, guys!
Quick News‼️

▫️🇺🇸 The #SEC has launched an investigation into #Coinbase’s staking programs.

▫️Former #JPMorgan employees Michael Nowak & Gregg Smith found guilty of market manipulation.

▫️The number of #DApps built on the #Polygon network has surpassed 37,000.

▫️#Polygon partners with #Neowiz to launch a Web3 blockchain gaming platform, #IntellaX.

▫️#Ripple is interested in acquiring bankrupt #CelsiusNetwork assets.

▫️#Hotbit crypto exchange to suspend trading, deposits, and withdrawals after senior managers were subpoenaed for allegedly violating criminal laws.

▫️#CurveFinance has been hacked with $573,000 stolen so far.

▫️🇦🇪 UAE-based retail store #DayToDay will accept #Bitcoin and other cryptos as payment methods.

▫️Vitalik Buterin was just 19 years old when he wrote the #Ethereum whitepaper.
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🚩Number of the Day‼️
⚡️$24,000 $BTC and $1,900 $ETH are a good start for the weekend‼️
🚩Number of the Day‼️$ETH
⚡️$ETH, $ETC, $ATOM, $MATIC & $SOL just hit their highest price since last May...
🛑 In the past 24 hours , 60,948 traders were liquidated, the total liquidations comes in at $301.75 millions.

🛑 The largest single liquidation order happened on #Okex with #ETHUSDT #SWAP value $2.41 millions.

🛑 #Ethereum is the Crypto with the largest liquidations for $155.49 millions value.

🛑 In the last hour, the exchange winner is #Okek with $2.12M liquidations (97.48% Long), followed by #Binance for $1.47M (93.39% Long).

💚 The real winners are those who haven't bet on $ETH falling because they know #Ether will continue to rise until at least the #Merge scheduled for mid-September.

💔 RIP anyone in an $ETH short.
🚩Bitcoin Quick Update‼️

👉 Strong Breakout in progress of a Bullish Ascending Triangle... for a Next Stop at $28k⁉️
"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful" - Warren Buffett.
Power Crypto Club
⚡️$MATIC, Nice "Cup with Handle" Pattern... TA: #MATICUSDT TF.4-h
⚡️#MATICEUR +116% gains since this "Cup with Handle" pattern was share on 29th June.
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🚩51 years ago today, President Nixon suspended "temporarily" the convertibility of the US dollar into gold.

This was the worst decision ever made concerning the monetary system.
#ALGOUSD, building an uptrend channel.