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🚩Crypto Total Market Cap Exclude BTC‼️

The price structure of the Alts market is very similar to that of $ETH, which definitely confirms its leadership in the crypto market!
⚡️#Theta v3.4.0 upgrade successful

Earlier today the Theta v3.4.0 upgrade, a key step toward the launch of Theta #Metachain in December, was successfully implemented at block height 17285755. This upgrade enables support for wrapped $THETA ($wTHETA) as a TNT20 token (contract deployed here), which is now usable in Metamask and in any smart contract, as well as staking #THETA / #TFuel to Guardian Nodes/Elite Edge Nodes from smart contracts.

🚩#Bitcoin Quick Update‼️

#Uptober is here and, as expected, $BTC is still hovering over its 114-day maturity range and around the psychological key level of $20,000. Nothing more to say as long as the price structure does not exit from this range. Note, just the entry points in the buying Fibonacci area (blue color) for those who want to attempt some trades.
🚩#Ethereum Quick Update‼️

The price structure of $ETH is similar to $BTC, with a 146-day maturity range but with Bollinger Bands Squeeze, which indicates that volatility has reached a relatively low level in the context of recent price action. This squeeze is frequently followed by a period of increased volatility, result in a significant price upside... or downside!! Note also that price is exactly at the 38.2% Fibonacci level (just below the neutral zone)
Quote of the Day!

👉🏻 Indicators do not predict the future, but help you manage your risks properly.
🛑 Binance says $100m was stolen after a hack on its blockchain network!

You probably saw the news, 24 hours ago an attacker tried to steal $2 million BNB (about 600 million) from the Binance Bridge, before the #BSC was halted by all validators (confirming that the BNB/BSC chain is fully centralized contrary to what had always been said by #CZ of a decentralized blockchain).

Now, reports confirmed that the #BSC chain has resumed services. On the $600m hack total, the attacker managed to bridge $100m to other chains before the BNB/BSC chain was halted, so it's a total loss of $100m, as that at this stage can't be recovered by reverting BSC/BNB chain.
⚡️It's still the same basic trading strategy and very easy to apply in a mature range, with buying in the blue zone (below 38.2% Fib) and selling in the red zone (above 61.8% of Fib).
Forwarded from Power Tuto Novices
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From Facebook to META

Investors are often expected to hold long-term stocks in order to generate high and secured gains, but that's without counting on cycles that can cut years of gains in a short time.

In trading, it is always easier to buy an asset at its lowest price than to sell it at its highest price.

With a steady drop over the past 12-month that has seen $META price fall by -68% from its ATH, Facebook's long-term investors are now back to their 2016 (buy) price, cancelling +200% increase and all their gains. If we add the last 7 years inflation, their investment in Zuck's start-up turns now into a loss.


👉🏻 As excepted in my TA last April, $META has broken its $130 support and will likely drop further...

$META potential buy price: under $110
🚩#Bitcoin Quick Update‼️

Nothing to report except that $BTC price continues to evolve / accumulate in its 5th month of range (133-day-range).

However, see the compression of the Bollinger bands (Squeeze) and the drop in volume which could indicate a strong movement ahead...
Here are 5-Hot-Token from the #Cosmos_Ecosystem to closely monitor...

#Kadena $KDA #119
(You know it since we have already traded it)
Proof-of-work blockchain that combines the #PoW consensus mechanism from #Bitcoin with directed acyclic graph (#DAG) principles to offer a scalable version of #Bitcoin.

▫️#Evmos $EVMOS #2708
#Ethereum Virtual Machine (#EVM) hub that launched on the #Cosmos_Blockchain in April after years of development.

▫️#Juno $JUNO #2933
Sovereign public blockchain in the #Cosmos_Ecosystem, which provides an environment for the deployment of interoperable smart contracts.

▫️#Gravity $GRAV
#Gravity_Bridge is #Cosmos <=> #Ethereum bridge designed to run on the #Cosmos_Hub focused on maximum design simplicity and efficiency.

▫️#Osmosis $OSMO #211
#DEX built on #Cosmos that enables cross-chain transactions through Inter-Blockchain Communication (#IBC).
🚩Quick Analysis on #ULTRA $UOS‼️
Market Psycho 101:

▫️Bull Market Top = Ppl want to buy everything

▫️Bear Market Bottom = They want to sell everything

▫️Bull Market Beginning = There's no one left to sell

▫️Bear Market Beginning = No one left to buy

▫️Range Top = FOMO

▫️Range Bot = Fear of a BearMarket

Place Ur bets...
🚩Number of the Day‼️