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این کانال جهت برگزاری وبینارهای بیماری های داخلی می باشد که قبل از انجام Webinar در همینجا اطلاع رسانی می شود.
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As regular readers of Digital Journal will be aware, health technology and digital health have introduced a range of important innovations. Many of these involve ‘connected technology.’ We survey five new innovations.
Research into connected devices is leading to new generation medical aids that are ending up in hands of patients. Here the world of Internet of Things technology has extended into the realm of medical device development. One of the first connected devices to appear was the so-called ‘smart’ inhaler (used for delivering medication into the body via the lungs). The device sends usage data remotely to medics, as well as to the user’s smartphone. The devices were profiled on Digital Journal earlier this year.
In selecting example devices, we’ve gone for a range, designed to showcase the technology available.
The first of the selections is the Intelligent Asthma Management Kit, from Health Care Originals. This device, profiled on App Accessories, was developed to aid in the management and treatment of chronic asthma. Many asthma patients need regular check-ups. To automate this, a smart medical device has been designed for monitoring chronic asthma. The device allows the health caregiver to gather real-time information concerning asthmatic patient, via a network. The device also alerts medical professionals if there is a serious asthma attack.
"iHealth's tiny new blood glucose monitor plugs into your headphone jack"
Diabetes is one of the costliest and most life-changing diseases, and 29 million Americans live with it. Part of the reason it’s so life-changing is the clumsy way diabetics must monitor blood sugar levels every day.Diabetes is one of the costliest and most life-changing diseases, and 29 million Americans live with it. Part of the reason it’s so life-changing is the clumsy way diabetics must monitor blood sugar levels every day.
Breathalyzer for Smartphone – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS), Android
The BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer is the smallest and simplest way to turn nearly any smartphone into a high-performance alcohol screening device. Simply open the flip-up mouthpiece, blow for 5 seconds and voila, you have an ultra-accurate BAC reading right on your smartphone.

. Slip the compact BACtrack Vio into your pocket or use as keychain
. Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly sync with the free BACtrack app
. ZeroLine® Technology gets an accurate read on when your BAC will return to 0.00%
. Sanitary flip-up mouthpiece keeps germs and impurities out
. Advanced MicroCheck® Sensors to ensure accurate readings
. "Guess your BAC" feature
"MobileODT Brings Cervical Cancer Diagnostics to Remote Places"
Early detection significantly improves the survival rates for cervical cancer patients. Cervical cancer used to be one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the US, but mortality rates have declined significantly in the last 40 years due in part to better compliance with regular cervical cancer screening. Regular pap smear testing flags women who should be further examined with a colposcope to identify abnormal tissue in the cervix which will then be biopsied. Unfortunately, the WHO estimates that 85% of women reside in developing countries where this screening is not readily available.
MobileODT is inspired by the insight that smartphones are more readily available than physicians, and has leveraged this into a new cervical cancer screening product. Their cervical cancer screening system allows any smartphone to be turned into a colposcope, making this part of the screening process readily available for most clinics. The hardware is equipped with a light source and magnifying lens that gives a phone’s camera lens excellent visualization of any abnormalities in the cervical tissue. Once visualized, the nurse can make a diagnosis or capture photos of the patient’s cervix and transmit them securely to a physician for further analysis. MobileODT’s smartphone application supports annotation of these images and transmission of final recommendations by the remote physicians.
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هوش مصنوعی و تشخیص ساده سرطان پوست

پژوهشگران استنفورد خبر می دهند که موفق به توسعه الگوریتم یادگیری عمیقی شده اند که در حال حاضر می تواند همتای یک پزشک باتجربه، سرطان پوست را تشخیص دهد.

در صورت قرار گرفتن این الگوریتم در اختیار پزشکان، کار تشخیص سرطان پوست و بیماری های مشابه دیگر بسیار سریع تر می شود و حتی می توان متصور بود که روزی همه این الگوریتم در قالب یک اپ در موبایل شما جای گیرد که با استفاده از دوربین دستگاه، بتواند شرایط پوست را به سادگی آنالیز کند.