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Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam was ousted in the wake of a spying scandal that rocked the Swiss establishment.

The death of a 34-year-old doctor who warned of the risks of the coronavirus has unleashed a wave of fury that is sparking a rare crisis of confidence in China.

Donald Trump berated Boris Johnson during a heated phone call, after the British prime minister rejected the U.S. president's request to ban Huawei from the U.K.'s next-generation broadband networks.
📈 The coronavirus's outbreak in Wuhan may reach its peak in the coming weeks, according to preliminary modeling. By that time, at least 1 in 20 people in the city could potentially be infected, the data suggest.

💸 And a onetime billionaire (and brother of Asia’s richest man) says he’s now worth nothing.
The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak reached 910, higher than during SARS, as Britain reported four more cases and warned of a serious, imminent threat to public health.

The race to lead Germany was thrown wide open when Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that she will step down as leader of Angela Merkel's CDU.

Turkey sent hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and commandos to the neighboring Syrian province of Idlib.
🇺🇸 The U.S. announced charges Monday against four members of China’s military for hacking into Equifax in 2017:

🎥 South Korean film “Parasite” had a major night at the Academy Awards, taking home several awards, including best picture. The shock win could mark a watershed moment for the country's entertainment industry:

🏭 Chinese-based manufacturers began to restart factories, but no one knows for sure when they’ll be back at full-speed -- or what sort of chaos may ensue because of coronavirus:
🛳 What happens when the coronavirus runs rampant on a cruise ship? Keeping it from spreading on land is hard enough. At sea, it’s a whole different challenge.

🇸🇬 Meanwhile, one country is winning praise for its approach to the virus as the rest of Asia panics. Public health experts say Singapore is providing a model for others to reduce rumors and conspiracy theories.

🇺🇸 And a new poll shows Bernie Sanders overtaking Joe Biden in first place in the Democratic presidential race, with Michael Bloomberg surging to third place on a wave of advertising.
A coronavirus-free cruise ship is running out of options for docking after being rejected by four different nations.

The U.K. will need to go further than Canada in its commitments to the European Union if it wants to trade without tariffs and quotas, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned.

Airbus unveiled a model of a new falcon-like jet with rear-mounted twin engines that looks like something from Star Wars.
😷 Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the U.S. central bank is keeping a close eye on fallout from the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China:

📱 T-Mobile is poised to close its long-sought merger with Sprint, a deal that will reshape the U.S. wireless industry:

💰 U.S. household debt exceeded $14 trillion for the first time:
📱 When Apple adds three cameras, Samsung steps up to four. The Korean company announced the upgrade to its Galaxy S20 family (the 6.9-inch Ultra model starts at an eye-watering $1,399.99) along with a Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone.

💰 Five hedge fund heads made more than $1 billion each last year as the industry grappled with closures and mediocre returns.

💊 The first companies developing medical treatments from psychedelic drugs like LSD, ketamine and the active ingredient in magic mushrooms are gearing up to go public. For those who are still getting used to legal marijuana, the idea of publicly traded companies working with these drugs may sound a bit… out there.
🇮🇹 Italy is facing its worst demographic crisis since World War I.

📉 Trust in President Vladimir Putin has fallen to its lowest level in two years as Russians continue to experience a lack of economic improvement, a survey shows.
Breaking: China’s Hubei province reported a staggering 14,840 new coronavirus cases after revising its methodology to review past suspected infections.

The death toll rose by 242, of which 135 cases were from the new method of diagnosis, which adds those that were confirmed via imaging scans.

Find out more:
🇬🇧 U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson fired five senior ministers in a cull of his cabinet.

💰 The number of people retiring as millionaires reached record levels last quarter, fueled by higher savings rates along with market appreciation.

💷 An extra £18.6 million is needed to repair iconic London landmark Big Ben, after the discovery of asbestos, pollution and extensive Second World War bomb damage.
😷 What you need to know about the shocking 45% jump in China's Hubei province coronavirus cases:

🚗 Tesla is selling about $2 billion of common stock, taking advantage of its surging shares just two weeks after Elon Musk said raising capital didn’t make sense:

🍌Take a first look inside Amazon’s new grocery store concept in Los Angeles:
“I thought I was knocking on hell’s door.”

For one coronavirus patient at ground zero of the outbreak in Wuhan, the journey from infection to recovery was a nightmare scenario that entailed multiple hospital visits, symptoms so severe he thought he would die and quarantine under police watch.

This is the story of a 21-year-old student, who was lucky enough to beat the sickness in part because his father — a health care worker — was aware of the risks earlier than most:
Emmanuel Macron's candidate for Paris mayor pulled out of the race Friday after the publication of a sexually explicit video on social media sites.

Royal Bank of Scotland is rebranding and getting a new name after 300 years.

Germany is considering imposing speed limits on the autobahn.
🍽 The world is throwing away more than twice as much food as previously thought and the wealthy are the worst offenders, according to new analysis by the UN:

🏠 Airbnb to big cities looking to regulate short-term rentals: we’ll see you in court:

🥃 The latest trade war fight is likely to hit your favorite spirits. Here are the ones to stock up on as the European Union and U.S. square off:
A Chinese tourist died from the coronavirus in Paris, France's health ministry said. It's the first fatality caused by the virus outside Asia.

Earlier, the U.S. said it plans to evacuate American citizens and their families on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The ship are quarantined in Japan, and more than 275 are now confirmed to have been infected with the virus.

China's National Health Commission said earlier that there were 2,641 new confirmed infections in the country, taking the total number of global cases above 67,000.
🇨🇳 China’s provinces were already bracing for an economic hit before the coronavirus outbreak. Now they're facing the fallout with depleted ammunition.

🏥 Meanwhile, China is trying a 3,000-year-old traditional remedy on virus patients. "Our efforts have shown some good result,” said Wang Hesheng, the new health commission head in Hubei.

🚗 In other news, Elon Musk’s plan to build an electric car plant in Germany has run into legal trouble. A court said clearing a forest near Berlin for a new Tesla factory must stop while it considers a challenge by environmentalists.
😷 More than 3,000 travelers on two coronavirus-stricken cruise ships are returning home to more than 40 countries, fueling fears of further contagion from the deadly virus.

🏠 Asking prices for U.K. homes rose to a near-record high this month after Boris Johnson's Brexit breakthrough lifted confidence, new figures show.

🎿 Even Norwegians are skiing indoors in winter, as the Scandinavian nation adapts to a warming world.
🏥 What's it like to be quarantined because of suspected infection by the coronavirus?

That's what happened to Bloomberg journalist Stella Ko, who spent 20 hours in isolation after arriving in South Korea to visit her parents.

"Before my quarantine, I didn’t fully appreciate how quickly and completely people can be stigmatized at a time like this."

Read her account here:
HSBC is set to slash about 35,000 staff from its workforce and is taking $7.3 billion of charges in a dramatic overhaul.

Michael Bloomberg has qualified to join the other Democratic presidential candidates on the debate stage for the first time on Wednesday.

Locust swarms the size of cities are ravaging East Africa, threatening millions of people with hunger.