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Forwarded from Gospel Songs (Godssword Edet)
Science calls it sleep paralysis. But we know they're often nightmares and very bad dreams, which are often spiritual attacks from the enemy. Stay prayed up.
Forwarded from Gospel Songs (Godssword Edet)
Picking money from the ground isn't the same as being given good money by someone in a dream.

The first is often negative, the second is often a good omen.
Forwarded from Gospel Songs (Godssword Edet)
Giving out money to someone who really needed it in a dream could be a good omen. Such a dream could also show up as a generosity test from God.

But if you repeatedly find yourself giving out money in a dream, it can't be good. The enemy is siphoning your finances. Pray.
Forwarded from Gospel Songs (Godssword Edet)
Someone giving you money in the dream can either be a good or bad omen.

If you're given torn & dirty currency notes; that often symbolizes a spiritual attack against your finances.

If you were given new & neat currency notes in your dreams, expect financial breakthrough.
Forwarded from Gospel Songs (Godssword Edet)
The enemy doesn't only prowl around like a roaring lion, but also as a serpent (Revelation 20:2). Therefore, snakes in dreams will always represent Satan & his devils.

If you saw a snake chasing or attacking and trying to harm you in a dream, you know you're under attack!
As we step into the fresh month of June, I pray that this month brings forth new opportunities, growth, and progress in your lives. May you find success in all your life endeavors, breakthroughs in your challenges, and the strength to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. May you experience God's love, protection and providence throughout all the days of the month of June. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Happy new month Beloved.