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Reached Token2049 today 😎

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🚨 Important Bitcoin Update βœ…

TF: 1H

Identification: Ascending Triangle Breakout

Meaning: Price of Bitcoin broke-out the ascending triangle resistance area, currently testing the previous resistance as support.

If the support is confirmed, $68k is the target.
Crypto King Keyur
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β–ͺ️Background : AlphaOrBeta is incubated by #BinanceLabs MVB7 and one of the leading SocialFi platform in crypto

β–ͺ️Cost : $0
β–ͺ️Potential : $500 to $5000

Steps πŸ“Œ

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➬Connect your wallet & twitter account
➬ Claim daily check-in rewards
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➬ Claim rewards
➬ Mint SBT

After completing all the simple social quest, mint all the available NFTs

Important Note: Only Silver level and above are eligible for the airdrop.

Higher Rank NFT & Score Might Get Higher Token Allocation βœ”️

Minting Fee : They'll Give You Once You'll Complete The Daily Check-in & Basic Social Task , Means Not Cost Involved πŸ«‘

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I'll provide the video soon πŸ”œ
Another low attention crypto gem for you: $CRH

The Crypto Hunters Ecosystem contains two essential products: the Crypto Hunters Reality TV, the world's first adventure reality show based on crypto, and the Crypto Hunters AR Game often known as @crhgame & @chtvshow.

The Crypto Hunters AR Game combines augmented reality and digital twins technology, allowing users to experience different cities worldwide.

$CRH also has other products, like an NFT Market Place, and others launching soon. Launching today on Gateio and already listed on MEXC, BingX and others.

It is important to highlight that the first version of the app is available for download and allows users to register their accounts.

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Market Dump due to this news‼️
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πŸ‡­πŸ‡° Big News from Hong Kong βœ… Recovery πŸš€