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Our goal is to demystify the U.S. college application process and to give all Ethiopian high school students the necessary training they will need to excel in the SAT exam and application process.

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Attention all 7-12th grade Ethiopian students:

Interested in free 1-1 online tutoring in Computer Science and other subjects?

Want to connect with people working in the field of your interest?

Check out CTP-OTM, an online tutoring and mentoring platform. It’s completely free!

Read more about CTP-OTM by visiting the website at ctpotm.com

If you like what you see, make sure to apply here: https://forms.gle/Amxbqnx4AasfeQg57

Note: This is a separate program from CTP’s virtual summer sessions.
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Hello all,

The application for the CTP 2020 summer session is now live! Due to the current pandemic, we're going 100% virtual and attendance for the sessions is completely FREE! The deadline for submission is June 26th. Before completing the application, checkout our website to read more about the details of our summer program and the two sections that we offer:
Website: https://ctpethiopia.com

Application: https://forms.gle/u7s5DMKToAuHYnSa9

Good luck and make sure to get your applications in by June 26th!

CTP Ethiopia pinned Β«Hello all, The application for the CTP 2020 summer session is now live! Due to the current pandemic, we're going 100% virtual and attendance for the sessions is completely FREE! The deadline for submission is June 26th. Before completing the application,…»
Hi everyone!

Looping back now to remind you about our summer program. The deadline is on June 26 (which is in only 7 days!) so make sure you apply as soon as you can. There are some required short essay response questions on the application that will take a bit of your time to write so don't procrastinate on starting your applications.

Also don't forget that this year's summer program is a little different from the previous ones. So read more about it on our website: https://ctpethiopia.com

The website also contains information about the essay prompts for each section. You can find that under the Summer Session tab!
Hi everyone,

Are you ready?

Let's do this! πŸ™‚

LAST CALL: We are quickly approaching the deadline to apply for the summer session.

Through this summer session, you will....
1. Learn from our CTP instructors about every aspect of the college application process whether it is navigating financial aid or writing compelling personal statements
2. Get to ask questions and receive feedback during our office hours.
3. Access different lectures on how to tackle the SAT from students who had astounding scores on the test, and a whole lot more.

And, Did we mention you get all of this for FREE! So what are y'all waiting for?

You can apply through the link below before the deadline passes!
https://forms.gle/u7s5DMKToAuHYnSa9 If you want to know more about CTP Ethiopia please check out our website.

We are looking forward to reviewing your applications!

The CTP Team
Crunch time!

A little less than 6 hours to go before the summer session application closes! Make sure to get yours in before the midnight deadline. Good luck!
Hello everyone!

Thank you for everyone who took their time to complete the summer session application. This year, we received a record number of applications so we want to thank everyone for their effort. In the next few days, the CTP team will thoroughly assess each candidate’s application and release decisions via the email you provided on the application by Friday, July 3! In the meantime, if you have any questions, use the comments section of this post to communicate. For private matters, email us at info@ctpethiopia.com

Hello all,

We have learned that internet service has resumed in Ethiopia. As you all know, our program was scheduled to start on July 6th. As we could not anticipate when the internet would be back, we held off plans to set an alternative date. With the resumption of internet service, our team will hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the start date for the session. There are still details we need to finalize but we will release application decisions via email by Friday, July 17th. We will communicate further details in this channel.

The CTP Team
Hello all,

The CTP team has learned that there has been a slight confusion of timelines on the online learning platform. In the orientation video, it was stated that usernames and passwords will have been sent out by the time the orientation videos were available. However, due to various reasons, we have decided that we would instead send a detailed separate email explaining the steps on how you can set up your accounts by this weekend.

The CTP Team
Hello everyone. We hope you are all safe and well. One important factor that aids the college decision process is your ability to communicate effectively. As such, we have made the above etiquette video that provides you with training on how to formally address professionals through email. We highly recommend that you watch this video in its entirety . If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the summer session instructors.
For this week’s CTP tip, we will be providing you with ways to stay organized over the weeks to come. Balancing standardized testing, essay writing, financial aid applications along with classes, assignments, friends and family can be challenging (we as college students still struggle with this on the daily, so know that you’re not alone). Therefore, to get the most out of this experience, it is important that you have a means of strategically achieving your goals and holding yourself accountable.
The first step to staying organized is to have a clear idea of your goals, your action plan and your deadlines. Invest in a notebook/planner and first write down all the things you have to achieve every week. Rate those items in terms of urgency and difficulty. Ideally, you should be spending the most time on the most urgent and difficult activities. Finally, block in times in your planner to work on these items. When you do cross off a certain item on your list, reward yourself (an episode of your favorite TV-show, candy – whatever works for you, as long as it doesn’t break the bank. Do it to keep yourself motivated!)
The second step is to pace yourself. A lot of the work you must complete to produce a successful college application can’t be done overnight. The best essays come out from weeks of editing and rewriting, and the highest SAT scores are contingent upon routine practice leading up to the exam date. Set a dedicated time each day (for instance, 45 minutes a day for SATs and 45 minutes twice a week for essays) to work on these items. Stick to your routine and you will see a lot of progress!
The third step is to structure your workspaces (notes and on your computer). For SAT’s keep a folder of your notes divided by section. On your laptop/computer, set up folders for financial aid, transcripts, essays, practice tests and guides to colleges. And of course, back up EVERYTHING on another computer or a flash drive!
The last step is to work with others. Find people who will motivate you and you in turn will motivate when the going gets tough. Work with them, share resources and support one another. The process will be less stressful for you if you’re around people with the same goals as you.
Managing college apps with classes can get tough but know that you are supported and more than capable. Stick to your plan, organize your workspaces and keep your self motivated. You got this!!
Hey Everyone. We are reposting the above tip since getting organized during this time is so important. Especially with the current pandemic and the uncertainty that comes along with it, it has never been more important to stay organized. For those of you, that are taking a gap year and are awaiting Grade 12 Matric examination at the same time, you have got lots of things on your plate and you need to make use of the above tips to stay on top of all of your tasks. For those of you that are in Grade 12 this year and are on the verge of applying, it is paramount that you stay organized. You need to visualize the tasks you need to do whether you are applying during Early Decision or Regular Decision. You have been afforded a significant amount of time with school out of the picture, and you need to make use of it especially with your school days on the horizon. For those of you that are in Grade 9 to 11 this year, it is important to identify what you have to do or make a tentative plan of how you would approach the college application. As it is mentioned in the post above, the purpose of being organized is so that you can maintain a balance between your college application and other parts of your life, so be compassionate with yourself every step of the way.
Hey Everyone,

We wanted to swing by and remind you that the deadlines for Early Decision and Early Action for various schools are approaching. Most schools have a deadline of Novemeber 1 and others have a deadline of November 15. So make sure to check the deadline of the school you are applying to. It is said there is a better chance of acceptance during the Early Decison/Action pool. If you feel like you have a complete application, you should definitely give it a shot since it is one more application cycle you can take part in.

Make sure your counselors and teachers submit your recommendations and your transcripts and the separate application they have to fill on your behalf by that same date because the same deadline applies to them. Given the condition we are living in right now with the pandemic and all, it is hard to get in touch with teachers and counselors but you have to find a way to do so because as we have said above, that Novemeber 1/15 deadline applies to them as well. You can certainly tell your colleges about the difficulties you are having in trying to connect with your teachers and counselors but chances are they will ask you to meet the deadline nonetheless.

Not far away from the deadline for the common application is the deadline for financial aid. Most schools have a financial aid deadline of November 1 to 15 so make sure to check the deadline for the particular college you are applying to. If you can't afford the CSS fee, you can send an email to the particular college with your reason so that they can give you a fee waiver or an alternative form like ISFAA that you can fill for free and send. But you have to send them an email sooner rather than later since it takes them time to respond and the deadline might pass by the time they respond or there is also the possibility that they could run out of fee waivers so ask them as soon as you can but always have a plan B incase they don't concede to your demands.

With that being said, all of us at CTP wish all of you the best of luck in your college applications!
Hey Everyone,

For those of you that are currently applying, we hope your are well on your way to completing your applications. For the past few weeks, we have been trying to institute new concepts that can help you in your applications. One of them is a Podcast. This is a platform on which we invite other students in the U.S. and have a conversation with them about their applications and get them to answer your questions.
In the first episode of our podcast, we talked to Rediet, who is a senior at Columbia University, about her college application experience. You can find the link to that episode below. We hope it will be helpful to all of you that are in various levels of the application process.