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It's easy to dream up thousands of things we'd like to build.
It's fun to imagine the possibilities.
But good product discipline comes from knowing how to prioritize and pinpoint the most important things.
Do this well, and even if you're small, you can still win.
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πŸŒ™ Welcome to the month of Ramadan!
πŸ’« It will be a spiritual month for me & many muslims
πŸ’› Send love https://ramadanmakers.com/walloflove
πŸ₯° Have a blessed Ramadan to all makers!
😊 Most of us will be fasting for 30 days #ramadan
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Created https://lioncitymakers.com
πŸ’» For makers community in Singapore
✨ Chats, Articles, Progress & Product Launches
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πŸ“– Ayah A Day https://ayahaday.com/
πŸ’› Daily Quranic verse
πŸ“± Chrome extension & TarteelAI app
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Recitation by @fajarsiddiqFS
πŸ’¬ https://fajarsiddiq.com/ayahaday
Your day doesn't start in the morning, it's the night before.
Your mindset, the things you say to yourself before you go to sleep.
Made a collection of bookmarked threaded tweets & articles set to public.

πŸ’― Just finish making super fast Nasi Lemak Pandan Website by https://irsahdul.com/ you can now pre-order if you are living in Singapore. I also get to try the delicious food πŸ˜‹ honestly, I love it!
πŸ’― Created: Redirect > Payment Link via Stripe
πŸ’œ Good for recurring + no-code + creators economy
πŸ‘‰ Monthy: fajarsiddiq.com/support

PS: As a maker, I love to help others in the community. Ask me anything, I will make more time to connect with you and share valuable feedback.
1000 true fans is all you need.

1000 * $100/year = $100,000/year

What it doesn't tell you:

1000 true fans = 10,000+ private audience.
10,000+ private audience = 100,000+ in traffic.
100,000 in traffic = 1,000,000+ in impressions.

Distribution matters. Find your niche.
These are the 6 types of newsletters writers are using to build audiences online:

1. Reporting
2. Analysis
3. Curation
4. Artistic
5. Practical
6. Hybrid

Learn how each one works in this post Down pointing backhand index

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We all suck at most things. So What?
You get better by practicing and not panicking.
Small businesses who have imagination to reinvent their business can make it through any tough time.
βœ… Turn down unpaid work
βœ… Get paid what you’re worth
βœ… Repeat!
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Content-on-demand for the muslim audience sharing valuable knowledge, inspiration, and reminders.

We added our team, vision & mission, articles to read, original series of beneficial videos, creators community, sponsor for ads, shop & support to our creative work.
Don’t worry about being β€œtoo late,” worry about being too lazy.
Don’t fear failure, fear wasting your time.