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Wearing my Figma t-shirt today to build my next project on Figma.

How i get this Figma swag?
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πŸ’š Get this card if you’re in Singapore! - Sign up now! Referral link - http://fajarsiddiq.com/transferwise
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🐻 Do you have shoppee account? if you’re living in Singapore you can sign up shopee account via referral link - http://fajarsiddiq.com/shopeefajarsiddiq

CODE: FAJAR225 to enjoy $10 OFF
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πŸ’― Now i can put my fruits in this USB rechargable portable juicer! Bough this on shopee - https://shopee.sg/product/220117252/7737705966

πŸ’š Love this product! Drink healthy!
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πŸ’œ Recently i learn how to use Terminal for npm, yarn, brew and gatsby cli packages install on my local machine (macbook pro)

With that i can understand more about react and gatsby templates.

Of course you need to learn javacript first then react then gatsby.

It was an amazing experience to learn this! I will be making JAMstack website blog with this. AMA about this or join @jamstackmakers for more! πŸ’š
πŸ’š I got this package from Product Hunt HQ! as i won runner-up at Makers Festival 2020 Work From Home Edition

I will do unboxing soon!
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😘 NETLIFY SWAG just drop at my home office now!

I can’t wait to make unboxing video! For more you can subscribe my youtube channel https://fajarsiddiq.com/youtube

Pretty excited for this one.
I’ve been using netlify.com for almost 2 years now! Is great for static sites and yes you can host it there for FREE.
πŸŒ™ One of the community i’ve been running is @ramadanmakers now is nominated on Hackernoon Noonies Award 2020! Do check it out and vote for us! - https://noonies.tech/award/slack-telegram-andor-discord-channel-of-the-year

Source: https://twitter.com/RamadanMakers/status/1297005430053380096
πŸ’œ Today i share more about Facebook Creator Studio for Paid Online Event that i’m hosting this coming 1st September 2020.

πŸ“• For more you can read the thread here:
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ https://makerskitchen.club/
#1 Slack Community For Makers

πŸ‘‰ My Maker’s Kitchen & Makerlog Story to Open Startup Creative Design Agency

source: https://medium.com/fsfajarsiddiq/my-makers-kitchen-makerlog-story-to-open-startup-creative-design-agency-fbc10a1bae5b
πŸ’œ The Tool i use to record video on screen export in mp4 and gif. I use it to share on my social media .

πŸ’― Use Cases: I also use it to make raw videos mockup - http://fajarsiddiq.com/launch

πŸ‘‰ Download now for free: https://getkap.co/
πŸ€‘ Last year i drafted this post on my blog. (didn't publish it) & but now i decided continue!

Who wants to read my article story?
"How i made my first dollar?" - ready to publish!

Reply your comments below: πŸ₯­ + β˜•
If i reached more then 30 replies in this tweet i will share. https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqfs/status/1298302808576290816?s=21
Amazon UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ delivers the book i ordered recently! Glad it came not too long, but in just 2 weeks received my books πŸ“š i’m pretty excited to read Zero To Sold! By Arvid who is indiehacker and boostrapped founder just like me! πŸ₯³ and many other founders in the indiemakers community. I also got books from James Clear! Been following him for 2 years ✨ finally i decided to get his Atomic Habit book! And there is other books about productivity. I’ve been working from home since like 2005 and doing boostrapped business. I also love to travel as digital nomad for the past 10 years to work remotely anywhere from public places like cafes, coworking space and anywhere there is wifi. But ever since the pandemic of covid19 travel restrictions and regulations, i can’t travel. Is been 5 months working from home! So i want to be productive as much as i can, eat healthier, also learn as much as i can build my businesses and make side projects successful! https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqfs/status/1298910744289792001?s=21
πŸ”₯ Made this design request for Josh Manders one of the indiemakers community users at https://getmakerlog.com

An image of Sergio Mattei founder of Makerlog https://twitter.com/matteing with β€œShip That β€œSh*t” - beautiful frame! πŸ’―

Are you driven by the indiemakers culture?

Source: https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqFS/status/1299169436583096320
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πŸƒ Cycle from yishun to sembawang park beach 🏝 to see the nature on Sunday. Month of August is ending & September is here! Awesome to see the new path & houses by the beach

Source: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEhERvZhi1B/?igshid=17w6sibx8loma