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Sport AND Leisure Announcement
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No. SnL produced a limited number of SnL (963,252,000) and these will not be increased in the future. 100% of this quantity already is release on Jan 2019, They cannot be mined by users of our ecosystem.
ERC-20 is compatible with ERC-223 and provides specific criteria which makes it more appropriate to SnL.
Celebrate what you want to see more of.
Tom Peters
We are so excited about the new changes of Ethereum blockchain,
Ethereum Constantinople:
Learn about the Ethereum fork coming up around January 17!
The Ethereum Constantinople fork is coming soon, and many of you have been asking what that means and if you’ll have to do anything to prepare.

If you’re simply an owner of ETH or related tokens, you do not need to do anything to prepare for this update. Please check for the countdown and get the answer to your associated questions, simply by clicking on Constantinople hyper link. SnL management will announce it's public offering plan right after the hard fork.

Cheerfully Yours
SnL Development Team
The Core Devs and the Security Community recently announced that the Constantinople Hard Fork was postponed until February 27 since researchers from ChainSecurity found out that one of the implementations would have the side effect of enabling reentrancy attacks (similar the one suffered by The DAO).
A significant number of nodes had already been updated and they have since had to revert to the previous version to avoid being forked out of consensus. Fortunately, the block 7,080,000 has already passed without incident.
We have tried to match our public offer plan with the Hard Fork update of Ethereum, we are sure that many of our holders were extremely excited about it. But we all know the fact of first priority, as always, is security, the related update postponed to end of Feb 2019.
After all the communication has been completed, we would like to announce that our official public sale will officially start at 00:00:00 EST on 1st February 2019.
The official launching price will be our favorite pair of 18181 with 1 ETH.
SnL will reserved the full rights to increase the value of SnL token based on Sport and Leisure agreements coming forward in very near future, while we can not ignore the fact that market demand can also play a very essential role in the pump of such value.
All our holders who supported our private sales will receive an extra 3.95% tokens in their wallet by 00:00:00 EST on 29th January 2019 as Early Sale Appreciation award.
Note: On 28th January, 09:30:00 EST, we will obtain all the snap shops directly from as the reward system is based on the available balance of holders wallets on the mentioned date.
To everyone who has believed in SnL,

You may be a shareholder, a partner, an private participant, a friend, a team or a family member. During this incredible journey you have supported us and believed in our vision.

Today is a special day and we are proud to finally announce the huge progress of SnL.

Today is the day the 1st lot of SnL token finally published to public. We officially release the very 1st enforceable token backed by Ethereum (ETH).
Please go to where you can easily Buy and Sell as much token you want after a very simple registration format.
It has not always been an easy journey, but together we have experienced fantastic encounters, discoveries, growth and made once an idea to become a reality.

We would like to take this opportunity and express our sincere gratitude for your enormous help and support. This couldn’t have been done without each and everyone of you.

Thank you and let’s make a revolution on Sport AND Leisure Industry together!
To All SnL Family Worldwide,

We are honored to announce, both and Trust Wallet by Binance verified our token successfully.

You can easily check official Ethereum explorer portal to see your your favorite verified token:

We congratulate this success to all our token holders to see our progress while ETH price is rising over 12% while our verification accomplished.

Truly Yours
We Are Now Live on Exchange!
Welcome to SnL Community

SnL Public Sale is Open, SnL is your way to be part of the success of Sport AND Leisure Project.

Each SnL token is stable backed 0.000052024 ETH, SnL Token is redeemable, enforceable and fully transparent.

Funds Raised: 1.85M USD
Product is live, currently accessible for ICO participants:
SNL is listed and trading on ETHERFLYER Exchange

🌐 Official Website:
🏛 Exchange Website:
👉 Any Questions:

The SnL stable token is an enforceable asset.
What does that mean?
Enforcebale Asset: means that the contract ensuring that the SnL holders are the owners of the collateral assets is a legally binding agreement which is enforceable by law.
SnL is one of the most rare tokens worldwide with this sort of engagement, In practice this means, if you take the SnL tokens and go to our main website, we must exchange every single SnL token for the minimum equivalent of 0.000055024 ETH at anytime!

🛑 Note: You have the full right to buy or sell SnL on any desire price on exchanges platforms and will not have any responsibility neither control on that.
Hitting All The Records in Token Industry was Once a Dream, Which Came True Only by YOU!

Let's See Why We Are So Proud of Our Token Holders:

1st Record: A Complete 5 Days Sold Out Private Sale on 25th December was a unique record, happened just 25 Days after the creation of SnL contract.
2nd Record: Being qualified by & in less than a month after Private Sale.
3rd Record: Listed on the 1st Exchange just 1 weeks after verification.
4th Record: Listed in, 72 hrs after the 1st Exchange Listing.
5th Record: Listed and Joined officially by 48 hrs after Coingecko approval.

But as Mahatma Gandhi well said:
"There is more to life than simply increasing its speed", a leader in token industry, secure by dexdex as a service provider(DApp), has been selected by SnL to provide a seamless and secure log in experience and Buy/Sell Platform for SnL platform users.
SnL is a cryptocurrency token bringing security and transparency to a highly volatile Sport AND Leisure market. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SnL is truly decentralized by 95% distributed token backed by one of the strongest and most sustainable Cryptocurrencies in the world; the Ethereum.
SnL is the first enforceable cryptocurrency token in the world, providing its holders with full ownership over the collateralized assets with payback gurrunty of 0.000055 ETH for each SnL token.
By integrating with, and, SnL has further shown its commitment to providing the most secure and stable token available on the market. With a rocking ratio of over 600 holders in the past 3 weeks, We are delighted to brings new and unique benefits to the Sport AND Leisure ecosystem.

🔜 Important Reminder: The First Official Airdrop Will be Launched Officially on Etherflyer on 27th Feb 2019 at 00:00 EST.

Our Journey Will Not End Very Soon BUT Started as a Singular Choice We Made Together.

Truly Yours,
SnL Support Team