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Need tester. Who test PUBG Mobile Lite 10/30 min ban fix file.

1. If you gain 1st 5 matches chicken with confident [important to checked ban]
2. Only 3 people need for testing
3 This is not final trials so be careful.

Knock me @tipslablab
Forwarded from 🇳🇵THUnDER༒BeAST🇳🇵 (🇳🇵R҉T҉H҉ ҉B҉R҉O҉N҉Z҉A҉I҉🇳🇵)
5.8 MB

Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
Crack of most secured 20$ app🤦‍♂
Use on your own risk as invictus users keep getting bans so try on guest
So, Final Result is no 10 min/30 min ban PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0
Forwarded from Pranto Majumder
1st match
Forwarded from Pranto Majumder
PUBG Mobile Lite 10 Min
130.7 KB
PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 Emulator Bypass 10 min Fix File.

1. Run Lite V2 Bypass File
2. Run 10 min fix File in Lobby
3. If anyone get ban after playing 1 or 2 match then run 10 min fix file before match started [Every match before]

Note: When execute 10 min fix file then taking some times.

For Password Message Me on @TipsLabbot

Owner: @TipsLab
Tips Lab pinned a file
Forwarded from Pranto Majumder
3rd match without any ban by using @TipsLab 10 min ban fix
Send Feedback Screenshot, how many kill gain using our PUBG Mobile Lite Bypass.

Feedback & Helpline : @TipsLabbot
Owner: @TipsLab
Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
GG Settings
Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
Media is too big
Watch carefully before spamming my inbox :D Be careful with GG settings
Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
🤔testers tested hacks and antiban from this script
Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
Media is too big
Watch video and follow -_- Don't spam my inbox pls :(
Forwarded from » MÄJÖR «
Major GG Mod 96.1.apk
15.1 MB
Forwarded from Mutant Mods (Sh@dy)
prevent unload 3

Hide game guardian none {all should be unselected}

Bypass nothing

Freeze 0

Data in ram no

Architech no
PUBG Mobile Lite Bypass getting ban or not?
Anonymous Poll
10/30 min ban
No ban
Need daily update fix files
Tips Lab pinned «PUBG Mobile Lite Bypass getting ban or not?»