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You may have already joined a march this weekend, and you may just be the local neighborhood Feminist that everyone should support... With the help of our bad ass Feminist Network, FYEG just released a statement on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women ⬇️

Spread the call 👇🏼
FB: http://bit.ly/37zAlGo
TW: http://bit.ly/2ro2bor
IG: http://bit.ly/2OmVcFv
Join FYEGs week of Climate Action!

A storm is brewing across Europe... No, it's not the #GreenWave this time... It's a wave of Climate Action getting ready to strike (in some cases literally) all over Europe 🌍

We're launching a week of Climate Action:

🗳 27th - Vote on the new EU Commission

🔥 28th - EU Parliament votes on declaring Climate Emergency

❗️29th - Day of Global Climate Action

30th - Blocking the mines @ Ende Gelände

⚡️ 3rd - Start of the COP25 in Madrid

Oh, right, speaking of the vote for the EU Commission ... FYEG will do an online action. More information on that and the other actions will follow later today!

Questions? Contact @catzzmeifyoucan on Telegram or 📩 communications@fyeg.org
#Vacancy Project Manager

Reminder ❗️ the deadline for the vvacancy Project Manager is approaching!

Can you tick all these boxes?

⚡️ Mad organisational + mobilising skills
⚡️ Team player
⚡️ Strategic insight
⚡️ Heart for strengthening the Green Movement

Then you might just be fit for the job.

Apply now! Deadline: 13 December ⬇️

Input Wanted 🗞 December Newsletter

It's time for the December edition of the FYEG newsletter! Do you have any updates you would like to share with us?

Please mind:
In the newsletter, we can include short texts and pictures. It is not possible for us to include entire press releases or include PDF documents, but we can link to material you have published online.

Deadline to provide input: Thursday, December 19th (10:00 CET).

If you ever have any new ideas or questions, contact Kelsey via: 📩 communications@fyeg.org, Telegram 🤳 @catzzmeifyoucan, 📞 +32 26260727
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FYEG General Assembly 2020

The results are in... 🗳 65% of you voted Malmö, 35% Berlin...

Looks like you'll have the chance to try Malmö's finest falafel in May! 🥙

Fun fact: Malmö also has a high concentration of Feminist comic book makers 🖊 Excited yet? We, and host organisation Grön Ungdom sure are.
Call for Prep Team Members #JustTransition Seminar

What a better New Years Resolution than to apply to be in the Prep Team for our seminar in sunny Barcelona?

We will explore:
✏️ how urban design affects young people
⚡️ progressive European initiatives
🌱 how to campaign for a just transition

Climate justice means that we can leave no one behind in fighting the climate crisis. A just transition to a carbon-neutral society commits us to reimagine and create a society that is regenerative instead of extractive and transition to a social europe that ensures everyone's rights are protected and voices are being heard. Want to be a part of making that movement happen?

What are you waiting for?

Apply now!
➡️ http://bit.ly/35fNG4k

Spread the message on social media! 💬

Twitter: http://bit.ly/36m9Raq
FB: http://bit.ly/2rVWCyk
IG: http://bit.ly/2rUPiTA
Input Wanted 🗞 January Newsletter

It's time for the January edition of the FYEG newsletter! Do you have any articles, activities or other updates from your organisation that you would like to share with us?

Please mind:
In the newsletter, we can include short texts and pictures. It is not possible for us to include entire press releases or include PDF documents, but we can link to material you have published online.

Deadline to provide input: Tuesday, January 21st (10:00 CET).

If you ever have any new ideas or questions, contact Kelsey via: 📩 communications@fyeg.org, Telegram 🤳 @catzzmeifyoucan, 📞 +32 26260727

It's that time of year. To get involved in some kick-ass events and positions in the Young Green Movement, that is. Here we go 👇🏼

Seminar: It is Not Just a Transition

After delving deep into the status of social rights' recognition for young people in Europe, we are ready to see how they link to the climate crisis and discuss what a Just Transition will look like!

🗓 21-25 April
📍 Barcelona

Read more and apply: 🔗http://bit.ly/2S1NC3z

Call for Ecosprinter Editorial Board Member

The Ecosprinter is the independent, online and occasionally printed magazine of all young Greens of Europe.

Read more and apply:
🔗 https://bit.ly/Call_EEB

European Youth Event (EYE) and YO!Fest

Interested in youth politics? Join us for the European Youth Event!

📅 29-30 May
📍 EU Parliament, Strasbourg
📢 With 40 other Green activists

💚 Meet European politicians & young people from all across Europe!

Read more and apply:
🔗 https://bit.ly/FYEG_EYE2020

Deadline for all the three calls is 20/02
FYEG Newsletter ⚡️Special Edition

With our 2019 work plan we spread the word far and wide that it’s time to #ReclaimYourSocialRights!

Read all about the hackathons at Summer Camp in Serbia, local hackathons in 7 different European countries, how to host your own hackathon, and last but not least: get the first look at the new Ecosprinter printed edition on Social Rights!

You can share a message about it and read all about it here 👇🏼

Much love to all the people that made this happen. You're an inpspiration! 💚️✊🏼

You have 3️⃣ more days to apply to join us in Barcelona for the seminar It’s Not Just A Transition: Youth in Cities.

🗓️ New deadline: Thursday 20th February @ Midnight CET.
📍 Barcelona

For cities to become allies of the youth, we need the youth to lead the process in shaping them!

We'll explore best practices of citizens' assemblies, energy and food cooperatives, waste management, squatting, urban gardening, sustainable mobility and [ insert what it takes to achieve a socially just transition ].

Share the call and apply ➡️ HERE
Call for Prep Team - Summer Camp 2020

Winter weather got you down? Well, we have news that should brighten your day: our next Summer Camp will be held in rural Ireland! 🚜 🌱 🌼

Can you think of a better place to spend your summer than in the stunning landscapes of rural Ireland? We can't...

At Summer Camp, we’ll explore:
🚜 how rural areas can have a #JustTransition
📑 progressive European initiatives
🥦 food of the future (and today)

Climate justice means that we can leave no one behind in fighting the climate crisis 🌍. Want to be a part of making that happen?

As a part of the prep team, you will get the chance to dive deeper into the topic of just transition, learn about organising non-formal education events and sharpen up your skills as a facillitator and educator.

Apply now!
🔗 http://bit.ly/FYEG_SC2020

Deadline: 19 March, midnight CET
March Newsletter 🗞
FYEG's newest newsletter is out!Here’s an overview of what we’ve been up to and how you can join us in the fight for a more sustainable 🌍 social ✊🏼 welcoming and inclusive 🏳️‍🌈 and Feminist Europe.

Check it out here!
Our Response and Demands to Fight COVID-19

We must fight the #CoronaCrisis without leaving anyone behind.

This crisis shows us the value of a social Europe & we will continue fighting for it during & after this pandemic.

This is not a Chinese, Italian, or Iranian problem, but a global one we can overcome together. Read our 10 demands during the crisis to support global and European efforts against #COVID19 👇🏼

💶 A quick and widespread introduction of a universal basic income stimulus.

🏠 Freeze all evictions, all residential rents. Provide a safe home for the homeless.

💳 Freeze all loan and debt payments.

💚 Ban the firing of people, acknowledge that supermarket employees and delivery workers are providing vital services, and ensure their safety at work.

🙅‍♀️ We denounce the war-like rhetoric used by Heads of State, unilateral introduction of internal borders, and Schengen borders.

👭 Border measures should not affect the right to asylum, right to family reunification or family life.

🏥 The EU and its Member States should start a formal cooperation for use of national and EU funds, medical resources, treatment of patients. This solidarity should be extended to all the accession and neighbouring countries of the EU.

🤝 This pandemic is a global crisis. Denounce all forms of xenophobia and racism immediately. The EU must be ready to provide international support when the COVID-19 crisis reaches poorer countries.

🔗 Address the intersectionality of the crisis: women*, people with disabilities, undocumented, migrants, poor, LGBTQI+, people of color, and racialised communities are always left behind in times of crisis and governments must ensure measures that vulnerable communities are the first with access to resources.

🌍 We should ensure that the investments during and after the crisis do not contribute to environmental destruction and we should stick to the plan of demanding a real #ClimateLaw.

Read our full statement
🔗 https://bit.ly/FYEG-COVID19

Share the message on social media 🤳🏽
TW: https://bit.ly/39pyyDz
IG: https://bit.ly/2UEtl5v
Stories: https://bit.ly/2wGlKeI
FB: https://bit.ly/3btkhHq

You can find shareable graphics in our action kit:
📁 https://bit.ly/2UmyfFd

Initiatives, like #FlattenTheCurve, communities working together to take care of the vulnerable & performing songs on balconies to keep our spirits high show that people united will never be divided!

Stay home, stay united, show solidarity and demand action from your local governments to solve this crisis!
Tune in to our next Lockdown Lounge this Thursday!

How do we ensure that the response to the Corona Crisis is done in a socially ✊🏼 and economically 💶 just way?

This week we will be joined by the youngest-ever MEP Kira Marie Peter-Hansen! 🔥 We will talk about the response needed in European to fight COVID-19.

Share the Facebook event and invite your friends!
🔗 https://bit.ly/34TSPQZ

The Lockdown Lounge will be streamed online. In order to ensure online security, registration is required. Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you instructions on how to join the call per email 📩
It's FYEG Bingo Time

Did I hear BINGO? ✏️ That's right. We've made our own FYEG-special Bingo card. Have you played yet?

All you have to do is:
🤳🏼 Go to our Instagram page @FYEG
📷 Download the template here or on our page
Fill it in
👥 Tag 3 fellow young greens
💚 Tag @FYEG post

We'll be reposting the bingo cards on our Instagram stories! Can't wait to see this!
We'll be speaking on two panels today!

It's a full house today with two European talks where we will be featured as panelists. Check out today's line-up:

GEF post-corona talks 💬

Secretary-General Özgecan
Kara will speak on COVID-19, intergenerational solidarity, youth perspectives & how Young Greens are pushing for radical system change 🔥🔧

Tune in at 14:00 CET ⤵️
🔗 https://bit.ly/2UMFTIX

Racism & Minority Issues - EU Youth Political Leaders in Conversation 💬

Co-Spokesperson and long-time activist Mina Tolu will speak on a panel about racism and minority issues in Europe. Find out how we're building a welcoming, inclusive and Feminist Europe.

Tune in at 18:00 CET ⤵️
🔗 https://bit.ly/2AzZsNR
June Newsletter 🗞
FYEG's newest newsletter is out! Here’s an overview of what we’ve been up to and how you can join us in the fight for a more sustainable 🌍 social ✊🏼 welcoming and inclusive 🏳️‍🌈 and Feminist Europe.

Check it out here! ⤵️
Just Transition Learning Lab #5 | Mapping the Movement

Ready to make the #JustTransition to happen in your own community? 🌱

Learn about youth-led initiatives and from activists and campaigners working at the policy level across Europe 🌍 and explore whether these practices could be used in your area.

This will be an interractive activity (online)

We have two great speakers that will join us! 💬

We will have a campaigner from Food & Water Action Europe who will discuss the local examples from her experience with fracking and banning of gas, as well as tips on how to identify patterns and narratives of fake solutions being promoted by the industry.

With another activist, highlighting the challenges present in policy-making, and following just transition examples from Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Germany, together with advocacy recommendations for young Greens.

Join us this Thursday! Don't forget to register beforehand ✏️

🔗 http://bit.ly/Learning_Lab5
Security issues on Telegram 🔐

Dear fellow young Greens,

For years now, young Greens have been organising and connecting with each other internationally, using the messaging application Telegram.

As you may know, Telegram saw a surge of incoming users in the recent weeks due to everything that has been going on with WhatsApp and Parler. Apparently, there are cases of Telegram channels being shut down due to people going in and posting pornography and direct calls to violence.

After seeing this, Federation of Young European Greens’ office has decided to take the following precautionary measures:

🔧 We changed the group settings of the general FYEG Telegram chat from public to private. If you would like to invite a friend, colleague, or activists to the FYEG general Telegram chat: write a direct message to one of the group administrators, or; write a message in the FYEG general Telegram chat, tagging asking one of the group admins to add someone to the chat.

Make sure to share the contact information (Name, Telegram handle, and phone number) in your request
We checked recent new members that had joined and saw that no one new has been added to the Group in the last weeks.

🔧 We ran a check for all other FYEG chats that exist and can conclude that all of these are private, meaning that members can only join when they are added my the group’s admin

🔧 We will continue monitoring all FYEG chats and screening new members that are added

Note 🗒 there are two public broadcast channels that FYEG administers, but since only the owner can send messages (posts are one-way), there is no risk of infiltration. This is the case for the Telegram broadcast channel Green Team and Young Greens, which you are welcome to join.

You can contact our office via 📩office@fyeg.org for any concerns or questions regarding the security of our Telegram chats.