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Much Appreciated ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Best combo of Crypto and Nifty 50 🤩😊.

We are already talking to Bingx team to get some deposit bonus and giveaway for the community. Hopefully we get some good news today. 🤩🙌🙌

Here is KNC, live trade taken in last live. 😂😎
Also here is the Bonus BingX is offering to our community. Please use it your advantage.
💥【BingX Exchange x CPH Family 】

🎁 For first 300 users.

• Deposit $100
• Trade $500 in futures.

💰 Get guaranteed $100 futures bonus.

Sign up at BingX via community link: https://bingx.com/partner/CPHFamily

(Only those who sign up here can participate, any other links are invalid.)
Anyone who has deposited already will qualify as well.
In order to streamline access to CPH Red Candle Indicator, I have created two Google forms for now. 1st one for BINGX and second one for Okto.

Going forward we will be using these files to renew access on monthly basis for community members who are trading on either Okto or Bingx from our referral.
Here is our BINGX referral link in case you missed it before - https://bit.ly/CPHFam
Old form had a glitch. Please fill this form if you need CPH Red Candle Indicator and trading on BINGX (using my referral link) https://forms.gle/pNmpHoHoD4tiNWFK6
And those who joined Okto using my referral should fill this form for Red Candle access.
In this form I have also included steps to join Okto under me for new community members.

Both forms would be closed in 1 hour and access would be given today to active traders / users on both platform. Will start from Bingx as I can see UID data, for Okto it will be delayed as it has to be verified by Okto team. Please remember since this is trading indicator, access will only be given to traders (future or spot) and not just for creating account.