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🚩#Bitcoin is rallying to retake the psy level of $20,000 and is now testing $21k. The price being in the neutral zone, so nothing to do before at least the 61.8% Fib, of course if $BTC continues to rise!
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🛑 The GAFAMs alone represent nearly 20% of the S&P500 index, and a third of the Nasdaq. No doubt a big price move would affect the entire market...
🛑 #Meta Q3 Results 2022: #Facebook share price crashed on weak quarterly earnings

🚩13 consecutive monthly red candle bringing stock price back in 2015!

▫️Meta reported a second straight quarterly revenue decline and is forecasting another drop in the fourth quarter.

▫️The company’s Reality Labs division, which houses its VR headsets, lost over $9 billion in the first three quarters.

▫️The stock plunged in extended trading after already losing two-thirds of its value so far this year,
Forwarded from Power Tuto Novices (AlanBKK)
2️⃣ Adam & Eve Double Bottom (2/4)

Identification Guidelines:
▫️Shape: Two distinct valleys that look different. Adam bottoms appear first and are narrow, V-shaped, sometimes with one long price spike. Eve bottoms appear after Adam and are wide and more rounded looking. Spikes that appear tend to be more numerous and shorter on Eve bottoms.
▫️Peak: The rise between bottoms should measure at least 10%, but allow variations. Tall patterns perform better.
▫️Bottom price: The price variation between bottoms is small. The two valleys should appear to bottom near the same price.
▫️Separation: The average separation between bottoms is almost 2-month.
▫️Confirmation: The double bottom confirms as a true double bottom once price closes above the peak between the two valleys.
▫️Volume: Usually higher on the left bottom.

🔹Performance rank (1 is best): 17 out of 39
🔹Break even failure rate: 12%
🔹Average rise: 43%
🔹Throwback rate: 67%
🔹Percentage meeting price target: 69%
✅ Elon Musk completes $44bn #Twitter takeover, and Its Stock Price Structure Looks Very Interesting‼️
🚩#Ethereum performs 7-consecutive-bullish-daily-candle
⚡️Huobi Global Reveals Plans to Delist HUSD and Auto-Convert Balances to Tether, HUSD Stablecoin Drops Below $1 Peg Following Announcement.

On Thursday, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global announced that the trading platform plans to delist the stablecoin HUSD and the delisting will begin at 08:00 (UTC) on October 28, 2022. Furthermore, users with HUSD held on the exchange will see their balances auto-converted to the stablecoin asset tether and the exchange expects to complete the full conversion by November 4.
🔅Why should we all have #Chainlink as Portfolio Diversification?

1️⃣ #Chainlink is alone in its ecosystem, and it is by far the #ORACLE and referent of the entire #Ethereum ecosystem (Layer-2 included).

2️⃣ #Chainlink is at least 3 years ahead of any other oracle system out there right now. So they do have competition but really no serious threats.

3️⃣ $LINK is therefore one of the sure winners of this next cycle, even without going "To The Moon". It remains a very low risk token, and can therefore represent up to 5% risk-free in a portfolio.

4️⃣ #LINKUSD regression trendline indicates an average price around $24 per token, which gives a potential upside of +300% from its current price at $7.78
🎁 The 9-paged #Bitcoin white paper "revolution" turns 14-year-old today.

✨Happy birthday, Bitcoin White Paper!

▫️On October 31, 2008, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, released the Bitcoin white paper to a cryptography mailing list. The list was hosted by Metzdow and run by a group of cypherpunks.

▫️Per records, the Bitcoin white paper was sent via a message titled “Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper,” in which Nakamoto elucidated that the novel digital currency was fully peer-to-peer and required no trusted third party for a transaction to be executed.

▫️The paper also chalked out the main properties by shedding light on the prevention of double spending, anonymity, the proof of work consensus mechanism, etc.
✅ Crypto Market in October Ends with "Uptober", Will November Be "Moonvember"?
Fed approves 0.75-point hike to take rates to highest since 2008 to a target range of 3.75%-4%.

👉🏻 The end of the year is likely to be boring for both trading the stock market and cryptos, with a lack of volatility which should extend the already mature ranges of $BTC, $ETH, etc.
🔅It is often interesting to follow the trend of #Litecoin, due to its strong correlation with #Bitcoin. #LTCUSD
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⚡️#MATICEUR +116% gains since this "Cup with Handle" pattern was share on 29th June.
#MATICEUR on Kraken, breakout validated the on 6-month-mature-resistance, generating +184% gains at $1.31 since my buy entry last July. Time to take some profit and let the remaining to rise toward my $1.75 target. 🚀🚀

$MATIC has recovered by +335% since its 2022 bottom on 19th June, achieving one of the best performances in Top Cryptos.
$BNBUSDT big breakout in progress for the exchange token of Binance that powers the BNB Chain ecosystem.

$BNB was launched originally on the #Ethereum blockchain but later migrated to the Binance Smart Chain, now called BNB Chain.
BREAKING: Twitter begins rolling out $7.99 Blue subscription & verification.
🛑 Big room yesterday at NFT London 2022, where the speakers were the participants but they only came for their speech!

These are the consequences of all unscrupulous speculators who have launched numerous NFT projects with Ponzi schemes or other scams, targeting all novices about NFT and with the strong support of some crypto influencers, so-called crypto experts / analysts, and even popular crypto medias.

Today, it is clear that the majority of people have lost all confidence in NFTs, so a big cleaning will be necessary to eradicate all these speculators and their networks, before having some basic regulations to protect user and investors.

With a new solid and reliable bases, it will restore people's confidence while reinvigorating the adoption of NFTs, and what for Non-Fungible Tokens were created... certainly not for these stupid monkeys!
⚡️Since #Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson announced 2 weeks ago that #Algorand was now on the #Cardano_Network in reaction to the news that Mikomedia A1 Rollup was live on #Algorand, the price of $ALGO jumped by almost +55%, with a potential breakout to be tested soon in order to exit this range by North.
🛑 BREAKING: #FTX temporarily halts withdrawals, on-chain data reveals.
⚡️It's amazing and saddening at the same time how people are completely influenced by all the current FUD around the Binance and FTX affair.

However it will only be the 3rd time this year that "The End of The World" has been announced by crypto experts!!!😅

Personally, I will close my screens for 24/48 hours.