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📱 Apple shares fell on Tuesday, after the company said the fallout from the coronavirus would cause it to miss its sales targets this quarter:

📈 Tech shares led declines on the S&P 500 after Apple warned of production and demand disruptions:

The Boy Scouts of America is seeking bankruptcy protection to cope with a rising tide of claims tied to sexual abuse of children in its ranks:
Bill Gates paid Tesla a compliment, but if he was expecting kind words in return from Elon Musk, he apparently shouldn’t have spoken about his new Porsche.

When a Tesla enthusiast posted about Gates’s decision to buy a Taycan instead of a Tesla, Musk replied: “My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming tbh.”

Meanwhile, the only person who's richer than Gates, Jeff Bezos, has announced he’s pledging $10 billion to help counter the effects of climate change.

“It’s going to take collective action from big companies, small companies, nation states, global organizations and individuals,” he said. “We can save Earth.”
🇯🇵 Japan is emerging as one of the riskiest places for the spread of the coronavirus:

🚗 Researchers say they tricked a Tesla on autopilot into speeding with a piece of electrical tape, highlighting vulnerabilities:

📉 The IMF reiterated that global growth appears to be bottoming out and also cautioned that risks including the coronavirus dominate the outlook:
🇰🇷 Confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea more than doubled within a day, with a surge tied to a fringe religious sect.

⬆️ Gold just hit a seven-year high on concern that the virus outbreak will hit global growth, coupled with speculation the Fed will ease monetary policy before the end of the year.

🇺🇸 Follow our live coverage of the latest Democratic presidential debate, the first to include Michael Bloomberg.
💵 The U.S. dollar is nearing a critical level that may trigger a buying spree:

📉 The White House acknowledged what many economists considered obvious through much of last year: President Donald Trump’s trade stance depressed economic growth and business investment:

💰 In America’s richest town, $500,000 a year is now below average:
🦠 The coronavirus that's killed more than 2,200 people in China is shed in the feces of infected people, which may help explain why it’s spread so fast, according to researchers.

▶️ In the immediate run up to the U.S. presidential election, YouTube’s homepage is set to advertise just one candidate: Donald Trump. It could cost him millions.

📱Can Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip convert iPhone fans? Here's our review:
🔬 The coronavirus epidemic enters a new phase, as cases outside China multiply:

🇧🇬 Spies, conspiracies and energy deals. There's a new Cold War feel to Bulgaria:

🏢 An Austrian billionaire has raised $270 million from a landmark art nouveau building:
🌍 With just weeks left to go, the world is heading toward the warmest winter ever recorded:

📝 The U.S. will sign a peace agreement with the Taliban on Feb. 29 intended to end America’s longest running war:

📉 U.S. business activity shrank in February for the first time since 2013:
Just in: South Korea reported 142 more confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death of a second patient.

The jump in the number of infections outside China raises alarm among global health officials who say the window of opportunity to prevent the outbreak from turning into a pandemic is closing.

Earlier, Italy reported its first coronavirus fatality, a 78-year-old man who died Friday night, and the WHO said 18 coronavirus patients in Iran is “very worrisome” because of the lack of any direct link to China.

Read more:
📉 Asian stocks sink and gold surges as the deadly coronavirus spreads further outside China, raising pandemic concerns:

🌊 Hong Kong companies face a "tsunami-like" economic cataclysm, the city's finance chief warns, thanks to the virus and months of protests:

🏢 There are 100,000 empty apartments in Bangkok. As foreign buyers dry up, the country is hoping it can get locals interested:
📉 Stocks tumble globally and oil falls on coronavirus fears, while gold and Treasuries rally in a big day for the markets.

🇮🇹 Italy's richest areas are in virtual lockdown, as schools, universities and museums were closed and a curfew was imposed on bars. The country is struggling to contain the spread of the virus, with more than 200 cases to date.

😷 This is how strategists see the virus outbreak playing out:
📉 U.S. stocks plunged the most since August in a dramatic day across markets. Havens including Treasuries and gold jumped:

💰 The U.S. will sign military deals worth more than $3 billion with India:

📝 A raft of new coronavirus cases in numerous countries outside China has ignited fresh concern about the ability of the illness to spread and its potential economic impact. Here’s what market players are saying about the latest developments:
A sell-off that wiped out global stock gains for the year eased in Asia on Tuesday as authorities around the world move to keep the coronavirus from spreading.

🌏 Meanwhile, the number of virus cases worldwide has topped 80,000. Follow the latest developments here:

💻 In other news, IT workers looking for a big pay package should head to Seattle. Tech workers in the city average $5,367 per week, or about $279,000 a year — that's 56% more than financial workers in New York City.
Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former president who was ousted during the Arab Spring, has died.

A hotel on the Canary Island of Tenerife was placed in quarantine after an Italian doctor staying there tested positive for the coronavirus, with 1,000 tourists unable to leave the holiday complex.

A private bank that survived the Nazis may be undone by a German tax scandal.
🚫 Global trade had a rough 2019:

🏠 Home prices in 20 U.S. cities advanced in December by the most in nearly a year:

🇺🇸 Donald Trump said he doesn’t want help from any country to win re-election and accused House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff of leaking news that U.S. authorities believe Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders:
🇺🇸 U.S. health officials have warned Americans to prepare for a potential coronavirus outbreak at home, while the number of South Korean cases topped 1,000, from only 51 a week ago. Here's the latest on how the virus is spreading across the globe.

Singapore is planning for a much hotter world and will spend S$100 billion to hold back sea levels that would drown some of the world’s biggest cities

Lie-flat seats ... in economy? It’s possible, says Air New Zealand, which announced a plan to pilot bunk beds on flights between New York and Auckland.
🚨 Europe is on high alert, with more coronavirus cases reported in Italy and France.

📈 Markets are overreacting to the threat of the rapidly spreading virus and the global economy will only see a short-term impact, according to the CEO of Allianz.

🌏 Millions of people in India could end up in Modi's new detention camps if they don't meet new citizenship rules.
📈 Donald Trump and federal health officials plan to brief Americans on efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. U.S. stocks opened higher:

😷 The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are less than five months away. Even as organizers insist the games aren’t at risk, the rapid spread of coronavirus cases in Japan is already casting a chill over the event:

🎢 Bob Chapek, who rose to become head of Disney’s resorts business, is now taking charge of the entire $70 billion-a-year empire as the new CEO:
🚨 Breaking: The U.S. has confirmed the first coronavirus case without ties to a known outbreak, a worrying sign that the illness is already circulating in the country.

🇺🇸 Donald Trump assured Americans that they face little risk from the outbreak. U.S. equity futures and Asian shares fell after the president’s comments.

🌏 Meanwhile, the world’s most China-reliant economy is reeling from the shockwaves caused by the outbreak.