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Calling to Qur‘ān & Sunnah upon the Methodology of the Salaf as- Ṣāliḥ.

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I was honoured to have met with Shaikh Sālih al-Fawzān حفظه الله تعالى today in Riyādh after Jumu’ah at his masjid; The Shaikh greeted us kindly, I informed him that we attended the Dawra with Shaikh ‘Abdullāh ad-Dhafīrī حفظه الله in Hafr al-Bātin, & asked for an advice that I could carry back with me to my country, he said: My advice for you is to be upon Taqwa, that is the advice that is applicable to the first & last of the people…

May Allah preserve the Shaikh, an ‘ālim of our time…

Abū Mu’ādh Taqweem
26th August 2022

Why is Du’ā not answered sometimes?? What can I do to have my du’ā answered?

👤 Lecture by Abū Mu’ādh Taqweem

🏠 Delivered at Sabeel Leeds (4th September 2022)

👍🏼 Lecture Tonight in Sheffield!

👤 Abū Mu’ādh Taqweem (Graduate Madīnah University)

📚 Readings from Shaykh Rabee’s Bahjatul Qari….Manhaj Benefits & Lessons in Tarbiyyah

🕰 7.45pm

🕌 Masjid ul-Huda, Hanover Street, Sheffield, S8 7WT
🕌 “Du’ā: The 6 Times it is most likely to be answered”

👤 Abū Mu’ādh Taqweem

📚 New Lecture 18th September, 2022 hosted at Sabeel Leeds.

🎙 Listen from the link:
An Important Advice from al-‘Allāmah Shaikh Rabī’ حفظه الله
✏️ Sh.Zaid al-Madkhalī رحمه الله:

‎“Iblīs was expelled due to his refusal to do 1 prostration he was commanded with, so what therefore do you think will be the recompense of the one who refuses 5 prayers every day & night, which is 34 obligatory prostrations..”

‎الأفنان الندية 📗٣٤٣/١
Sh. Rabī’ حفظه الله:

‎“Do you find in the World the likes of the Shaikhs: bin Bāz, al-‘Uthaymīn, ‘Abdul-‘Azīz as-Salmān, al-Fawzān, Hamūd at-Tuwayjarī, al-Ghudayān, ‘AburRazzāq al-‘Afīfī, & Āle Shaikh…& many ⁦ #Scholars⁩ of this Land & Students…do you find their likes in manners, ‘Aqídah, & effort in the path of Allāh?!

Translation: Abū Mu’ādh Taqweem
Source: Tweeted on Shaikh Rabī’s official Twitter account @rabee_almadkhli
📢 Coming Up This Monday, in Sha Allah, LIVE LECTURE with:

👤 Ustadh Abū Mu'adh Taqweem Aslam حفظه الله

🎙 Believing that Allāh is Ar-Razzāq

🕢 5:00PM[NIG/UK] |12:00AM [EDT] |7:00PM [KSA]

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